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Short Version:


30 years Sales & Marketing Experience, 15 years of that Supervisory Experience

30 years Events Planning & Production

15 years Writing, Casting, Producing, Directing for Videos/Commercials/TV

10 years Sponsorship Implementation

Extensive experience in Acting, Modelling, Fashion Show Choreography, Art Direction, & Theatre Design

Excellent interpersonal communication and work ethic

Long Winded Version:

Since the age of 6 Victoria Clements has been involved in every aspect of stage and theatre, from acting to directing. At 17 she became a runway model and for the next 18 years had herself immersed in every professional position offered within the fashion industry from professional photo stylist to Large Scale Fashion show producer, producing hundreds of fashion shows and corporate events


Requests were coming in from New York for her runway coaching skills and she was being flown across Canada for her show choreography. In the early 90's she moved to Vancouver BC and secured herself a position as an Extra's Casting agent and runway model instructor. In 1991 she began volunteer work at Rogers Cable where within 7 months of beginning her career in media she had produced 14 six minute news magazine style shows


Missing her hometown she moved back to Victoria BC and managed to secure herself a position as producer through a one day acting job. For the next 5 years she was writing, producing, casting, and directing for commercials and corporate videos with Dave Luetjen of Living Images and Hilary Jones Farrow of The May Street Group.


Victoria then opened her own talent agency for 2 years. In /97 she moved back to Vancouver where she landed herself several positions in the film industry on most of the major television series. This chameleon has been a 1st AD, Location Scout, Producers Assistant, Personal assistant to the Stars and Directors assistant. She worked with the Wayans Brothers on their first smash hit "Scary Movie"


In January of 2000 she began working with a top VFX and independent film studio house. Within the first few months of being with the company, Victoria had become studio manager coordinating all LA meetings with the top executives of each of the major Hollywood studios. She then ran the LA and Vancouver offices for the next 2 years as Head of Independent Feature Film development, handling all marketing, packaging and promotions for the company. She continues to have a running dialogue with many of those same contacts in the film, TV, and fashion industries in Vancouver and LA.


In February of 2002 she broke out on her own to establish her own company specializing in Marketing , Promotions and Events for the Art, Film & Fashion industries. Always one to be concerned with the health of the community in which she thrives, Victoria always makes sure she attaches a complimentary

Not-for-Profit element to each of her productions


Taking in the wealth of her experience Victoria works well on any production to make sure the vision of the project rings true to the vision and needs of her clients and her own traditional high standards of quality


With over 30 years of Marketing, Sales, Promotions & Events, Victoria has the skills and creativity to produce stellar results


Her professional motto has always been, "Your Success IS Our Success" 


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