What is Social Media? and why does my business need it?

You've heard of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. These social media sites are taking on business like a storm and the changes they can make to the bottom line of your business by implementing them into your marketing strategies will astound you.


Why is social media important to my business?

By including social media in your marketing strategies this will establish your business as a social authority while grabbing the attention of possible clients and customers on their “turf,” instead of having to drive them to your Website to establish a relationship. You will establish a more "trusting" relationship with them that is much more personal and suited to their nature, likes and dislikes.


How do I know I can reach my customers through Social Media?

Take a look at all the big companies and what they are doing, Safeway, Mercedes Benz, Gucci, they are all reaping the benefits and so should you.


The fastest-growing demographic on Facebook is 34 to 65 year-olds. It is a common misconception that only young people are using Facebook, YouTube, and other Social Media. Just look at the big businesses that have their own business pages and fan pages and you will soon realize their marketing teams know the power of social media as a tool to increasing their bottom line.

Let's face it, if you are technology challenged and all this is just $#^&*! to you then you need the help of someone in the know so you're not left in the dust and dust you will be in a short 2 year term if you don't join the masses in your social media marketing strategies.


The statistics in Mobile Marketing alone are staggering.


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