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Two years ago we were told that eventually websites would be ALL VIDEO instead of print. I saw the BIG PICTURE back in 96 when I got into video editing for a TV series. Now we see that day is coming sooner than we think.

You can't ignore the impact videos and YouTube are having as a marketing tool. As a small business owner, you will want to take a close look at these amazing tools.

Creating videos is not cost prohibitive when you way the advantages, and if you like doing things yourself you could probably do one on the phone you hold in your hand right now.

How Can Your Company Use Video as a Viable Business Tool?

- you could produce a 2 min commercial of what your company is all about

- you could shoot some testimonials from clients that think you're the bomb!

- Vlog posts,  are basically like a Blog but with video, this is good especially if you don't like to write

- you could demo several of your products so people can see what they do 

- your credibility and expert authority factor go right through the roof because now there's a face to stand behind the name. Do some How To, or statistics videos

- LEAD GENERATION - this is key because there are so many people that prefer watching video and because you are establishing a relationship instantly with them they are more likely to go to your website and then more likely to do business with you

- you can build strategic alliances with other companies that are as reputable as yours and help each other along, therefore increasing the chance of more traffic to both of your sites and strengthening that business relationship at the same time :)

Where Can You Use This Video???

The two big ones of course are your Website or WordPress Blog is a good one and YouTube. YouTube right now is the second largest search engine after Google. What does that mean to you? That means that millions of people are searching for particular information on YouTube.

You know a statistic that's really interesting? People pay more attention to a YouTube video than they do their own TV set. Yup, no kidding! got the stats to prove it and YouTube does amazing things to your company being found more easily on the internet

Video's are also great for incorporating into your Events and Presentations, as an introduction to your company or as an “ad” on your website

Here's A Few Brilliant Tips From Our Commercial Producing Experience:

Keep it Reel (ha, ha film term) – the more authentic you are, the more believable, warts and all, don't be afraid of mistakes or hiccups, we're all human and that's what bonds you with your audience

Keep it Short – this is SUPER important and GET TO THE POINT RIGHT AWAY. People are very impatient and you really only have less than 3 secs to grab their attention or they're gone, that's the truth. So don't meander with what you have to say, just get right to the good stuff and always keep it 2 min or less if at all possible

Make it INTERTAINING (as we call it) – on the internet and entertaining PLEASE!!!boring videos will loose your audience. Look at the crazy, fun videos, they are always the ones that go viral and get the most HITS!    More HITS = More BIZ

Get A Pro To Do It For You:

You know if you're just not comfortable with the whole thing and you would really like someone else who knows this stuff to handle it, that's what we're here for

We have over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry which includes casting so we know how to get you more comfortable in front of the camera (yes we have our own pretty department, makeup, hair & wardrobe standing by) or we'll use one of our own hosts to be your spokes person for you

Whatever the look and feel is that you are trying to achieve we'll make that happen for your clients. You know what makes them tick more than anyone so share that knowledge with us and we'll make you a product that will get you noticed, make you proud and get results!

A Few Of Our Past Production Experiences:

-     PM, JVC Animated Commercials

-     PM, Samsung Animated Commercials

-     PM, Casting, LG Electronics, long form corporate video

-     River Ranch Resort Promotional Video

-     2nd Unit production, VFX Producer, MOW, feature film, The Invitation

-     Co-Creator, PM, Assistant Director, Peter Pin Bowling Commercial

-     Assoc. Prod. Space channel, Walking After Midnight, Episodic TV Series

-     Short film, Two Roses

-     Short Comedy film, KRACKED

-     Dramatic short film, Anna's Gift

-     Production Coordinator, Tourism BC Commercial, Cosette

-     Production Coordinator/Casting, Video for Council Against Elder Abuse

-     Director, Independently produced short film, I'll Miss You

-     Casting Director & Makeup Artist, for HallMark MOW "Smudge"

-     Writing/Casting Director for "Sign Here Please", Police Training Video

-     Writer, PM, Director, "The Nature of Forest Health" Gov. Training Video

-     Writer, PM, Casting, Director, "Clear, Correct, Complete" Police Video

-     Producer/Director, "The Code & You" Gov. Training Video

-     Writer, PM, Casting, Directing, "Landlord Tenant Act" Educational Video

-     Writer, Producer, Director, Hiatus Club Commercial

-     Casting, PM, Principals of Motion, VFX, Training Modules for Animation

-     and many more...

At Posh Intertainment we produce professional high energy, dynamic, videos with a comedic twist that get the attention your company deserves
















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